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Hey there,
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product. I work in they appliance industry and one aspect of the job is driving a clamp (forklift) style truck. Last Saturday I was on my work, and set my iPhone down on the lift truck beside me while I backed up around a corner when the phone slid off and yes, I ran over it! I heard a crunch sound and I knew what it was. I stood over the phone as it sat in its cracked OtterBox, pieces of plastic lying around it and thought, “oh no!” The clamp truck weighs around ten thousand pounds, not including what I had been carrying on the clamp! I picked it up and tried to get the phone out of the case. When I did I was shocked! There was not a scratch on it! Thanks guys for building such a great product! With three kids, and one in hockey, there was no way I could afford to replace my work phone. Now I just have to buy a new case instead of a new phone. I would and do recommend OtterBox to everyone I know. Thanks again guys!