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My husband and I were on the freeway a good 20 minutes going 65-70 mph when suddenly something went flying over the windshield. We were both shocked and suddenly my husbands says “oh s—, that was my phone.” He had placed his phone on the windshield and forgot to pick it up before we left to travel 120 miles for our thanksgiving vacation.
He pulled over to the side of the freeway, on ramp and wanted to get out to go look for it. I told him to back up and get off the freeway, go back to the last exit and get back on. Well it was anther 10 miles to back track on to the freeway. He got on to the freeway and pulled off to the side and we both got out to look for his phone. He went north and I went south. We went a good 1/8 mile but came back to the car empty handed and really disappointed. We couldn’t afford another phone right now since we’re both unemployed. He was really sad thinking how he may have lost all his data. I asked him to drive real low so I could look for the phone. We drove about 1/4 mile and I spotted it on the side of the fwy. He pulled over to the median and I got out, crossed the road and there was his phone resting on the clip as if someone had put it there. I took it back to the car and after examining the phone and the case, we only found a few minor scratches on the edges of the case.

Just wanted to share with everyone what an amazing product you have. We both have an iPhone 4 but only my husband has the case and cover.
Needless to say, the phone is working like a champ.
I took a picture how it was when I found it.

Thank you.
Anita Handley