Backing–and bettering–a good product

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I’ve relied on Otterboxes to preserve my IPhones from everyday hazards resulting from my life as a lawyer, hunter, hiker, and occasional emergency responder. I’ve found the boxes to be very effective and have been most pleased with that–but quite displeased that the holster/clip was no where near as robust as the box it secured. So I grumbled about that in my review. Lo and behold; the heavens parted, and from that came some direct, professional, engaging customer support that acknowledged imperfection, pointed to some progress Otterbox has already made toward solving the issue, and sending me a free replacement on the representative’s initiative. Attention, Otterbox Management: do not mess this model up–you just kept a customer, and have the potential to improve your product. And you’ve got customer support people who all have the authority to actually serve customers. Eureka! Keep this up!!