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Upon leaving for the airport at the end of our vacation, the trunk of our rental car opened and a backpack containing multiple electronic items fell out. The backpack contained an iPad, BOSE headphones, a GPS and my work iPhone in an OtterBox case. It wasn’t until we reached the airport that we realized the backpack was missing. After returning to the scene and realizing the backpack not there, I wrote off the bag and its contents because we needed to make our plane home. In my wife’s quick thinking, she remembered my work iPhone was in the bag and tried giving the number a call. Luckily, not only did a hotel shuttle driver pick up the pack but the manager was there to answer the phone. His comment: “everything in the pack was destroyed EXCEPT for the phone.” The driver returned the pack to us at the airport and we were able to capture the contents and still make our plane.

As seen in the attached pictures, the OtterBox saved the day and the remaining contents of the backpack – most importantly my car keys.
Thank you