Broken Leg, But Unscathed Phone!

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Hey OtterBox,

I wanted to share a story with you. On October 30th, 2013. I was urban exploring/photographing an abandoned motel in Ontario, Canada. I fell through a floor and severely broke my left leg (tibia twice, fibula once and shattered my ankle.) My S4 was in it’s Defender Series case and Holster on my left side, and was smashed hard and ripped off during my fall. My phone was still in the very damaged case, and survived without a scratch. My Holster wasn’t recovered, BUT I explained the situation to your customer service and they were nice enough to replace the case, which I provided pictures of, AS WELL as the holster, which I could not provide as it was lost. GREAT customer service. This is why I stick with OtterBox. And a great product. I wish I still had the case and pictures to show you, but I do have the X-Rays of my leg so you can see just how much FORCE happened on impact on my leg as well as the S4 Defender Series!

Thanks again, OtterBox!