Car accident

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I was attempting to get across a very busy street on foot, there where two cars one directly behind the other. I could not see the car in the back, i stepped into the road and was hit by a vehicle that was traveling at approx. 45 mph. It threw me into the air very high and I landed in the road. I was immediately taken to the nearest hospital where I was diagnosed with respiratory failure, two broken legs, pneumonia, and a separated shoulder. I was flown by helicopter to the University Of Michigan hospital where I was in a coma for two weeks. When I woke up I was overjoyed to see that my otterbox had kept my iPhone 4 in picture perfect condition through that massive impact. It was a moment of happiness for me during this horrible time. Thank you otterbox for making this amazing product, I will forever protect my devices with an otterbox. THANK YOU. I do not have a picture of my case because it was thrown away in the hospital but I do have a picture to show how severe the impact was. This is one of my legs after surgery, Once again… THANK YOU