Catapulted My Phone!

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My name is Chris Bass.

I just wanted to send an email stating how great the OtterBox brand is. I was driving in my jeep on Monday night with the top completely off. I had purchased a Little Caesars Pizza after work that evening and was eating it while driving home. The wind was blowing the pizza box top open and I had nothing to put on it to hold it down. The smart person I am, decided to put my iPhone 4s with the OtterBox cover on top of the lid. This worked until I hit 65 mph. The pizza box lid opened up and catapulted my phone out in the highway. When I retrieved it from the middle of the road, I was scared that it had been run over and that my phone was completely demolished. With great surprise…my iPhone 4s was not damaged at all. My OtterBox case is cracked on the bottom left corner though.

I just wanted to let your company know that due to my mistake…your OtterBox completely saved my iPhone 4s investment. Thank you. I will always use OtterBox now because of the proof I experienced.