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This past summer I went to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My aunt and uncle have a house there so I go there almost every year. But this past summer I had my iPhone in its’ Armor Series. I love taking pictures so I was pumped to get some cool one underwater. On the second to last day in Cape Cod, we decided to go the salt pound, in the Nauset marsh. I put my case on my phone and threw the kayaks in the van. We put the kayaks in at the salt pound and headed to Nauset beach, through the marsh. We were almost there so we decided to leave the kayaks on a high spot and take a walk. After a few minutes of walking in the shallow water I found this little guy. I told my brother to watch were he goes as I ran to get my phone. When I got back to the crab, I bent down, put the phone I the water and started clicking away.