Cycling Road Impact

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Velcro’d to my Trek Madone road bike I used my iPhone as a GPS. I was careful enough to use an Otterbox Defender for the ‘just in case’ scenario. Well that day arrived. The velcro came loose. I was at a speed of 32mph when the phone came off and hit the road. I watched it bounce hard! I cycled back to retrieve the phone thinking ‘well that’s done for sure even the Otterbox would’nt protect that’ ……WRONG!!
The case was a bit beat up, but the phone was in perfect shape. Nothing wrong with it at all. I’m still using the phone, with a new Otterbox case; sent by the company. How great is that for customer service!
I have Otterbox cases on two phones, and my iPad. I swear by Otterbox for protection and customer service. Great product, thanks!!