Defender Series OtterBox Case Ran Over by 2 Vehicles

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I always thought that OtterBox cases were pretty resilient, mine has survived multiple falls from my hand and my iPhone has always survived the impact. However, today I experienced a mishap that has made me a true believer of the case. I’ll cut right to the chase…. I left my phone (enclosed in the Defender Series case) on the back bumper of my friends truck while we were chatting on my driveway. He left, headed home, which is approximately 4 km from mine. Within 5 minutes of his departure I realized that I had left my phone on the bumper. I immediately followed, all the while looking to the side of the road for a mangled phone….but didn’t see one. I rolled into his gravel driveway behind a few other friends’ vehicles. I needed the phone since I was on call that week with my employer. It was when I went up the steep slope that I saw a black case in the gravel driveway…it had been pushed into the gravel by the impact of the two vehicles ahead of me …my stomach was in knots. As I picked up the crushed case, my phone slid out of the mangled mess….but it was spotless…not a dent…not a scratch…I was amazed and showed all my friends. They too were shocked that the phone survived the impact of 4 tires running over it….. Thank you OtterBox…I’m a believer.