Delighted with iPad Defender case

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I’m delighted with my OtterBox Defender iPad4 case, stand, and the “Latch” back-handle & attachment system. The basic case is grippy and protective, yet permits access to all ports & controls. The case cover includes a clever 2-position stand and enough room to hold a couple of styluses via velcro fasteners I stuck to the underside of the lid.. The “Latch” fits on the case securely with elastic corner loops which aren’t nearly as hokey as they looked to me from the photos. The Latch can be attached in any of the 4 orientations, and it’s rather simple to adjust the corner loop to leave the camera unobscured. The shoulder strap fastens several different ways allowing me to carry it around a factory to take notes or photos. It was easy for me to adjust the strap so I can hold the iPad horizontally against my abdomen and take notes. I can have a stylus clipped to the handle of the latch. Perfect for my variety uses.