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I’ve had a defender cover on my iPhone since I got the first one and it has saved the day more than once. Let’s face it, you’re going to drop it, so it should be protected with the best. Recently I purchased matching defender cases for my iPhone and iPad. The case doubled the weight of the iPad, but since I travel and carry it everywhere, it seemed a small price for piece of mind.. No joke.

As a result of a recent accident, I’m operating with one good hand, so getting from the car to the office can be a mini-ordeal. This morning the unthinkable happened: dropped my iPad out of my bag from ~4 feet to the parking lot. Wonder of wonders – it survived without a scratch! I’ve replaced two previous iPads for damage from less drastic falls, so to be able to have one survive “the ultimate” it terrific. You have a customer and advocate for life!