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Every day I collect eggs from my lovely chickens and being as it is always at the end of the day, I invariably place them carefully in a little bucket and eventually,when I go inside, so do they!! However one day I had forgotten my bucket. Carefully I decided to place the eggs in my pocket – it was a slow day for the chickens with only two eggs!! So in my wonderfully warm jacket, an egg in each side pocket I continued my chores outside. Unfortunately for me I forgot about those eggs and after a telephone call promptly placed my mobile in my pocket!! Well with a few well placed taps from various outdoor items the egg cracked and smothered my phone!! I didn’t realize this until about 2 hours later… But by that time my phone and pocket were both sticky messes!! If my phone had not had its OtterBox cover on it – I would definitely have needed a new phone!! Thanks OtterBox!!!