Fantastic Protection

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I left my iPhone on the back of my truck yesterday. I headed up the Margaret Street ramp to the Fuller Warren Bridge and I-95 South. At some point, my phone took a leap from my truck. I realized that I was phone-less about a mile later. Oh Crap!!!

I rushed back home and did a “Find My Phone” search. The phone was still working and I was able to locate it. I found it about 40 feet below the ramp on Riverside Ave by the Riverside Arts Market and the American Red Cross. At the point that it took it’s leap of faith, I was probably doing 60 M.P.G.

OtterBox Defender Series to the rescue!!! The OtterBox is worse for wear and tear, but the iPhone was undamaged and works like a charm (except for the latest OS update, it still stinks). I’m just amazed that the phone survived the fall off a moving vehicle, much less a 40 ft fall to the grass below.