Fire Fighter test

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A standing joke in the firefighter world is, ” if you want an indestructible product you better make it firefighter proof!”. Someone calls for help, gear is thrown into the firetruck and then a scence of bewilderment came over me, ” wheres my phone.” No time to ponder as the day is saved and the IPhone 4 is NO where to be found. I stepped back away from the engine and the bright blue case caught my eye. You asking yourself, ” where did she see it?” I saw my phone on the ground near the rear dullies which I ran over my phone not only once pulling the engine out but twice when the engine was placed back into the bay. Utter shock and dismay came over me just knowing my phone was demolished! But lo and behold NOT one scratch! Otterbox defender saved the day! The screan protector had popped out a bit but that’s ALOT of weight to carry on your product Otterbox! Cudos for a great product!