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I have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4. I was told by some of my coworkers to invest in an OtterBox case, they were hands down the best cases on the marker — either the Defender Series or Commuter Series. I did look into them and was not prepared to pay the price the store wanted at the time.

One of my coworkers gave me a hard shell which he said was for my phone to use until I got my own case. Two days after I had purchased the phone, I took the phone out of my pocket, and it fell out of the case and of course the glass broke. I was devastated and to the point of tears.
After fighting with my provider at length about returning the phone for a new one as I was having other problems with the phone with no luck, decided to go into a local shop which does repairs to screens.
He had quite a selection of OtterBox cases at a great price, so I bought the Commuter Series on the spot. Then I was told it would be approximatley $175 to replace the glass, my hesitation over $50 was now going to cost me triple that.

The very next day after I had purchased and put the Commuter Series cover on my phone, it once again fell out of my pocket face down. I was horrified and afraid to pick it up. Much to my surprise and relief there was no more damage done to the glass.

I will never again hesitate and balk at the price for a product that could have prevented the glass breaking in the first place.
I am so very happy with my new Commuter Series case and plan to tell everyone who will listen what a great product you have.

As a side note, I suggest you make covers with paw prints on them. I guarantee they will be a huge seller and even though I have just purchased my case, if I were to see your product with paw prints I would not hesitate buying it and keeping the other cover as a backup.

Thank you, OtterBox, for making a great product