Great Product!

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As I am sure I am not the only one that this has happened to I still want to show how great a product the Otterbox is. At a friends house during a bonfire I had my phone clipped to my shorts and while bending over to put wood in good sized bonfire. the phone came unclipped and I did not notice. After searching for a couple minutes I had my wife call it and I saw the blue glow and heard the ringing in the fire. My phone was literally in flames and melting. As I saw a $600 phone burning alive I stupidly went in a grabbed it “carefully.” I put the phone in the freezer then peeled off the case which was very melted. Needless to say the phone only had minor melting on the bottom corner but still works today! I will always suggest this product to anyone interested and it is nice a product work like it professes!