Great Story on Quality of OtterBox

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Two years ago when the iPhone 5’s came out I was fortunate to have gotten one. Very excited, I made sure I got an OtterBox case because the sales person in the store recommended it. Now, I live in a small town in Wyoming (population 44). It is a ranching and farming community. Two years ago I got home from work (my day job) and road our 4 wheeler out into the field where I was going to continue cutting hay (my second job) on a Swather (giant lawn mower).

I took my iPhone 5 with me…not because I could use it (we have no cell service), but I needed a clock to keep track of time. So, I got off the four wheeler, walked to the Swather where I had set my phone down on the fender like part (blue arrow pointing). I then had to walk around to both sides of the head of the Swather and unlock the head that supports it when it’s not in use. Well, I forgot my cell phone was on the fender so I climbed in the cab and started cutting. About 30 minutes later I realized where I had left my phone and stopped the Swather and jumped out and of course it was not there. In 30 minutes I cut about 6 rows that are about 2 football fields in length, each row. So I had no idea where it would have fallen off.
I was out of luck because even though I have the app “Find My iPhone,” if you don’t have service, it doesn’t help. Also, I could not call my cell phone because I had no service. So, I jumped on the four wheeler and road up and down the rows. Once you cut the hay, it is laid in a straight row about 2 feet deep. So, I knew what happened. The phone vibrated off the fender and I ran over it when I cut the hay so it was lying on the bottom of one of the rows.

After about an hour I gave up for the day. The next 2 weeks as we continued to cut hay, I still walked up and down the rows where I thought it might be… no luck. Then we had to bale the hay. We bale our hay in 3×3 squares (800 lbs). So I thought either one day in the next year someone in my family would be feeding our cattle or horses, and open a bale and there they’d find a brand new iPhone 5 in a lime green and navy OtterBox. Or, some lucky customer who buys our hay will receive a nice gift from us saying, ‘thanks for buying our hay!’ when they find it while they’re feeding their livestock, just like in the Cracker Jack Box.

Living on a 700 acre ranch…I have many stories like this one- so over the past two years, the story of the missing iPhone had been told frequently. Then last week, Friday, May 29, 2015, my husband came into the house covered in grease and oil. He was servicing the Swather, getting ready for hay cutting season. He said, “Close your eyes and put out your hand.” Usually when he says that he has rescued some orphaned baby animal that we then take care of. The anticipation was growing. But instead of a baby bunny, there was my iPhone 5. In disbelief I said, “NO WAY!” The phone and OtterBox were covered in fine dust-like particles (almost as if you sprinkled baby powder and baked it in on). I took it to the kitchen where I got a damp washcloth and began giving it a bath. After about 5 minutes, the dust came off without trouble. I decided to take the OtterBox off and look at the iPhone itself. The phone was brand spanking new– nothing wrong with it. I started digging through drawers trying to find the correct charger for it so I could see if it still worked. I found the charger, plugged it in and the battery charge icon was in the red, but 45 minutes later was fully charged and working.

Where did my husband find the phone? Well, when it vibrated off the fender it fell and got wedged in a joint and stayed in that joint through 2 hay cutting seasons, 2 winters where the temperature gets to be -30 below and here is the most amazing part: Wyoming never gets rain. We get snow, but no rain. This past month we have received more rain in 29 days than 10 years. That OtterBox protected that phone through hot temperatures while cutting hay, through snow and below freezing temps and through the rainiest season in a decade. Not one ounce of water leaked in.

OtterBox….YOU ROCK!