Heavy Duty Case

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I have had the Defender Series case since I purchased my iPhone 2 years ago this September. The phone looks like it is straight out of the box with no scratches or dings at all. My phone has been slammed in the trunk and all that happened was a tiny ding that is almost invisible in the black cover. I have dropped it repeatedly and nothing has ever happened. My 17 year-old niece had broken two iPhones so I wanted to prove a point to her about how great an OtterBox is, so I took my phone and threw it as hard as I could onto the concrete patio. She picked it up and wiped the dirt off of the silicone case and was amazed. She bought a Defender Series case the next day for her third iPhone. I will be upgrading my phone in September and the first thing I will do is wrap it in an OtterBox. Thank you for a truly amazing product!!!