How my phone is still alive after our motorcycle accident

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I wanted to take the time to say how great my OtterBox case has been and how great this product protects a phone.
My husband and I went on our last motorcycle ride last Saturday before we were going to sell it. On our way back home a SUV had pulled out in front of us. We were going 40 mph down the road when the SUV had ran the stop sign to pull onto the road. My husband tuned the wheel so the bike wouldn’t hit the truck dead on. We both struck the side of the SUV . Our phones were in our right side pockets. My right leg got crushed between the bike and SUV. And then I flew off the bike onto the pavement.i was taken to the airport and air lifted to the hospital. Needless to say my otter box held up. Only a few chips! My phone (iPhone 4s) was totally unharmed! These are the best cases ever. My husbands OtterBox held up just as great as mine! I couldn’t believe it! So as I lay here healing as neither one of us can walk, I wanted to take the time to share my story and say how great these cases are. I have the pink camo Realtree and he has the orange Realtree. Totally worth it!