How the OtterBox Saved My Phone

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I was talking with my mother on the phone outside. After the phone call, I sat the phone on the bumper of my truck.
About a hour went by, and I ran in the house to tell my wife I was running to the store to get more flowers. I got all the flowers I needed and headed home to plant them. I then looked down to make a phone call and realized what I had done. I was mortified. I drove the exact route I came from and saw no phone. When I got home with my head hung low, I told my wife what had happened. She called my phone and an older gentleman answered the phone. He had found my phone lying on Main St. He said a couple of cars had ran over the phone before he realized what it was. The OtterBox was quite damaged but my phone was in perfect shape. So thank you very much for saving my phone!