I Can’t Believe my Phone Still Works!

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I’m a police officer and was working in the aftermath of a snow storm last week. I was out of my car at an intersection, where we were waiting on a tow truck to pull a truck out of the ditch. My Samsung Galaxy S4 was in an OtterBox Defender Series which was clipped to my duty belt. I didn’t realize that it had fallen off my belt until I was a mile down the road. When I got back to the intersection, there was a snow plow truck clearing snow from the intersection. My heart sank… I figured my phone was buried under a pile of snow. Luckily, I saw it still laying on the roadway but my heart sank again when I saw that it was laying in the tire tracks of the snow plow that was just plowing that area. When I picked it up, it appeared to be dead even though it was not broken…not even a crack in the screen! I took the phone out of the OtterBox and took the battery out for a minute. When I put it back together, it turned on! I couldn’t believe it! I was so relieved! The only damage done was one of the tabs that holds the OtterBox shell together was broken. Thank you, OtterBox!