I Can’t Belive My Phone Still Works

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After a week long vacation to California, my wife and I arrived back to Columbus, Ohio on Oct 26th. After picking up our luggage we took a shuttle to the parking area where we had left our car parked. We were in a bit of a hurry because the kennel where we had left our dog would be closing for the day and we wanted to pick her up so that she wouldn’t have to stay there another night and we wanted to see her, as she is part of our family.

We hurriedly loaded our baggage into the car, backed out and pulled away. I stopped a few feet later realizing I couldn’t find my phone. I was wanting to use the navigation feature to get home since I wasn’t that familiar with the roads around the airport and didn’t want to make any wrong turns as I was afraid it would make us late to pick up the puppy. I asked my wife if I had given it to her to hold as I loaded the car. She said no. I had a small flashlight so I got out of the car and walked back to where we had been parked and looked for the phone. No luck. I then checked inside the car were we had put the luggage and around and under the car seats and still no luck. I told my wife we’d look for the phone later but we had to leave to get the dog. Speeding at times, we got to the boarding place and picked her up with less than 5 minutes to spare.

From there we went home and I unloaded the luggage and once again checked the car everywhere I could think to look for the phone. I then went inside and began looking in the baggage, side pockets- anywhere I could think of. I sent the airline a email telling them I may have lost my phone on the plane and leaving information so that they could contact me if it was found. Checking with the airport, they had no lost and found that I could call  that were open until Monday.

I got online and found a service that said they could find my missing phone remotely. I signed up and they reported it had been located. At that point they asked for a fee in order for me to access the report showing where it was. I pulled out my visa, paid the fee, the report came back that they hadn’t been able to locate it. I called visa and disputed the charge which I would have been happy to pay had they located my phone- The charges were stopped. Frantic that someone could have been able to get to my phone and be able to get into my various accounts on the internet I felt I had no choice but to call Verizon and ask them to terminate any service to the phone.

Monday rolled around and my wife called lost and found at the airport and they had no report of a phone found. Not a word from the airlines either.

Yesterday I went to the doctor for a checkup and before returning home I called my wife on my NEW cell phone and asked her if she would like to go out to dinner when I got back home. She answered yes, so we went to a nice Mexican restaurant and ate. Afterwards, while standing beside the car, getting the car keys out of my pocket, I stared ahead across the roof of the car and OMG there was my cell phone I thought I was never going to see again! It was laying against the edge of the luggage rack on top of the car. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Twenty six days later and there it was. I suppose the texture of the OtterBox had kept it from slipping off the roof. In those twenty six days we had driven at highway speeds, gone over speed bumps in our parking area, had rain and snow. I took the phone in the house with water still on the OtterBox case and turned it on. Amazingly the phone was still working. I still have my photos, contacts, everything I thought I’d lost. The OtterBox kept my phone safe and secure on the roof of my car and undamaged for all that time. I’m still amazed….

Thank you!
John V Beasley