I Just Needed A Holster; But Got So Much More!

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II that I purchased new when it first came out. When OtterBox came out with the Defender Series for it, my wife got it for me as a gift (..because of the size, I really needed a holder/case for it).

Yesterday it was put to the test when my truck ran out of gas. As I was coasting through my neighborhood, my truck needed one push to get it through the intersection so that it could coast down the street to my home. When I jumped out of the truck to keep it rolling, my phone and holder flipped onto the ground and went under the rear tire. My wife jumped out of her car to pick it up and was certain the phone was destroyed. We were both pleasantly shocked that nothing happened to the phone OR the case!!

Great job OtterBox!!! You’re #1 in my book!