Incredible fall from a cliff

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This story is about my son’s experience. My 24 year old son was at a party for his fellow employees. His boss knew he enjoyed exploring and enticed him with the tale that there was a cave that ran from the park that was across the street, under the street and under her house. He walked across the street to exlore it. There was a 3 foot rock wall and just beyond that there was a small grass ledge. He thought he could hop over the wall and land on the ledge. He miscalucated and fell 35 feet to the rocky surface below. He fell on the side where his phone was in his pocket. Happily his phone was protected by the Otterbox. He sustained injuries and it was rough for a while. His recovery is a true miracle! The man made miracle is that his phone was unharmed in any way. The phone sustained no scratches or cracks. It was still like brand new even after it was sanwiched between his body and the rocky ground. We found many things to be thankful for during that experience, and since then. One of them is the Otterbox. I have retold this story many times and each time people are amazed at the durability of your product. I think my son’s story has convinced dozens of people to purchase your product. Thank you!