iPad Mini Saved On Highway!

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Thank you OtterBox!! When packing up our car for a trip into town I placed our iPad mini on the roof of our car. We purchased an OtterBox casing for it as we have a 2 year-old who loves using it! I completely forgot I had put it on the roof and it stayed safely on the roof until we hit the 100 km/hr zone about 10 mins from home… and saw it go flying off the roof on the highway. We did a u-turn at the first opportunity and returned to where it came off. The back of the OtterBox had come off, however both the back and the iPad with the rest of the OtterBox protection were still intact! I pressed the iPad home button in a hope it would work and amazingly it did! There was absolutely no damage to the actual iPad… Just a chipped corner on the OtterBox where it must have hit the gravel and a few scratches on the OtterBox casing! We couldn’t believe it!! Quality products are hard to come by nowadays so thank you OtterBox… We will be recommending your product to all our family and friends!!