iPhone 5 Takes A Twelve Foot Fall to Concrete and Survives

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Hi otterbox:
I want to share with you an amazing story about my iPhone 5 with Defender Series case….
While at work on June 4, 2014, I placed my iPhone 5 on top of a ladder that I was working from.
I told myself to be careful and not to knock that phone off, but as luck would have it, I knocked the phone off the ladder top while turning to pull a tool from my tool belt, and the phone went on a twelve foot drop to the concrete floor.
I figured the phone would have been destroyed, but the OtterBox Defender Series absorbed the fall, and the phone survived without a scratch.
This is a testament to just how good your cases are.
Let me thank you for the best customer service I have delt with, and second for producing a product that is without compare in my opinion.
I’ve attached photos to illustrate the ladder.
Thanks for being so good at what you do- you have a customer for life.

Chris Kelly