iPhone Left On Vehicle Bumper

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Got home with my hands full of stuff including my iPhone so I decided to place my phone on the bumper of my Yukon, that we rarely drive, and that we keep in the garage. I thought that it might be a bad idea just for a second because it is possible that I might forget I placed it there, but then thought, ‘no that won’t happen.’ I decided to work on my flower bed outside and in the mean time while my husband closed the garage door. I got up the next morning and was on the train, and couldn’t remember where I left my phone. I thought it had to be in the car and figured it was at least safe until I get home. Meanwhile, my husband got up to drive our daughter to school and instead to taking the car, like he normally does, he decided to take my Yukon, that we rarely drive. He pulled the vehicle out of the garage and made the full trip down a steep hill, making several turns, got back onto main street and finally arrived at the school, where one must drive over several speed bumps. He dropped our daughter off and then headed back home the same direction. It wasn’t until when he arrived home that he saw my phone still on the bumper. The phone stayed secure to the bumper the entire 3 mile round trip. He was amazed that the rubber OtterBox must have gripped the rubber bumper. OtterBox saved me from loosing my phone- I am so grateful. I will never put it on the bumper again, that could have been a disaster.