iPhone Took A Swim in Commuter Wallet Series Case and Still Works!

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I was at the lake with my 9 month old baby. We were sitting on the steps that go into the water. I was squatting up and down, dipping her toes in and out of the water. I had my phone in my pocket and as I bent to dip her toes in, my phone fell into the lake. It hit the stairs, submerged and then settled on the bottom of the lake! Luckily I could reach it. But first I had to make sure I had ahold of my baby. It was down there shimmering. My stomach was in my feet, I couldn’t afford another phone. Oy! But I got it out and hit the button, it turned on. I texted my husband, “Dropped my phone in the lake if you don’t hear from me it’s because the phone died,” but it never did. I didn’t even put it in rice. Nothing. I just shook the water out of the bottom speaker and dried the phone off. I had no idea that was possible!