Kudos to OtterBox

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Recently got an iPhone 5 with a pink Defender Series OtterBox. I dropped my phone the other night and it hit the concrete pretty hard- but there was no damage to the phone or case.
Last night we went fishing- my phone with the OtterBox on, was clipped to my pants. The phone and clip slipped off, hit the concrete sidewalk, bounced ┬áinto the huge rocks in the water, and then went flying into the water! It was there approx. 90 seconds before I could get the phone out and the river water was about 2-3 ft deep! I figured when we got the phone out it would be fried! Thank God the phone never even turned itself off- no damage to the case! The sounds were muffled for about 3 hours but everything else worked thanks to OtterBox. Y’all are awesome!
Just wanted to share some good news. I truly appreciate the hard work and design of the OtterBox – it truly saves phones!!!!
Thank you and kudos to all of you.
Helen Bredwell