Love My OtterBox

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We had to take one of our boats to the mechanic. While taking the trailer off the truck I set my phone down on the bumper and forgot about it. The truck drove off and I left in my car. When I remembered my phone a few minutes later, I went back to the boat thinking I set it on the boat. Needless to say it wasn’t there. I drove down the road real slow. It started to rain. I saw my phone in the highway. It was sitting in the center turning lane. I pulled up behind it and grabbed the phone and case. The back of my phone was missing and the battery. The phone itself was in perfect condition, not broken at all. I took my phone to my local AT&T store they put a battery in and it worked – was able to make a phone call and all. My OtterBox protected my phone. New back purchased and battery and I was set. Also had to purchase a new case as it did get damaged too. I love my OtterBox. Although if the waterproof Samsung Galaxy 3 case had a belt clip, I wouldn’t of set my phone down. It would have been clipped to me. The picture was taken with the phone that was run over. The back of the case has tire treads on it. In our business we buy Otterbox cases for our phones. They have saved our phones many times over!