Loving My OtterBox

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I purchased my OtterBox 2 years ago for the simple reason of having two kids, ages 3 and 7 yrs old, who like to play games on the phone. Knowing “how they can be,” I figured it would be a good investment for my first iPhone. Except…I have been the one who (countless times) has tried to stash the phone in my purse while chasing the children only to miss the opening and drop it on the ground, or throw it onto the front seat while strapping my little one in the car seat, only to watch it bounce around and land on the floor. Or miss the counter at home and watch it fall to floor when putting groceries down, and finally ( this has happened twice now) placing it on top of car while getting my 3 year-old out, then forgetting my where I put my phone and then driving away on another errand across town, only to find it again still sitting on the roof as if sunbathing at the new destination! So I can only say- thank you, for protecting this phone… “from my kids!”