My OtterBox Saved My iPhone From A Waterfall

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On a family trip earlier this year I found myself at the Lost River Gorge in New Hampshire, where you hike around caves that have been carved out by the “lost” river. While looking over a rail at the highest drop point in the rocks, Paradise Falls, I quite unfortunately dropped my iPhone into the waterfall. It very picturesquely hit EVERY single rock on the way down, and when it finally landed at the bottom of the pool I could just barely make out the red and blue USA written on the OtterBox Defender Series case I had just bought a few weeks earlier. There was no doubt in my mind that the faint glow of blue and red was the last I would see of my iPhone.

We finished off our hike and at the end left our name and address with a park attendant letting them know what had happened so that I could at least clear my conscience of littering. Surprisingly, three weeks later we got a call from the park office letting us know that they had been doing some park sweeps and had retrieved my phone! It didn’t seem like it was worth it to drive back to the park to get a phone that wouldn’t work, but I REALLY liked my USA OtterBox and I did want that back if anything.

When we picked my phone up it had been out of the water for a few days and had dried off from its’ three week bath in the waterfall and the OtterBox looked as good as new, despite a little bit of dirt in the crevices. I had read online that you can put a phone in rice if you’ve dropped it in water and that it will work after so I figured it would be worth a try since the OtterBox was on it and it seemed okay. One week after being submerged in rice (nearly a month and a half after being dropped in the waterfall) it was time to face the music and turn on the iPhone to see how well the OtterBox really worked. I hadn’t invested in a waterproof case and with that in mind I wasn’t expecting too much to come from the rice experiment. Despite all doubts, when my iPhone was finally turned on it worked! And other than a little bit of rust on the metal edge of the phone, it is free of any cracks or scrapes, even though it hit multiple sharp rocks and edges on its way down the waterfall. I don’t even think it’s possible to explain how happy I am that I bought my OtterBox. I have never trusted a product so much after this; I’ve heard stories of friends who crack their iPhones dropping them on carpet! And mine survived a sharp waterfall for three weeks!

Thank you OtterBox!