My Otterbox saved my phone from the OCEAN!!

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Hi, I have owned an OtterBox before and loved it as I’m very destructive with my phones. I was asked if I wanted an insurance plan for my new phone, I handed them my $65 OtterBox to purchase and said “this is my insurance plan”.

I was in Delaware doing a Horseshoe Crab Weekend on the full moon, rescuing flipped over mating horseshoe crabs. While doing this, in the total dark, I lost my phone. I was pretty sure I would never see it again, I had already walked a good mile down the dark beach. I own my own company and consider my phone to be my virtual office, so this was a huge loss to me. I went straight into panic mode.

I told my friend to keep calling my phone, maybe we would see it light up or hear it… To no avail. We continued to comb the beach all the way back to our house, right as we approached some family asked us if we lost a phone. To my surprise, when we had called it, the ladies children saw it light up in the ocean and they all went over to investigate. The lady said “dont get too excited, it was in the ocean”. Being that I have owned salt water fish tanks, I know salt is about the most destructive to electronics. I was so sad.

My phone was still working!!! I put it in a jar of rice and the next day, I poked all the salt out of the holes and sure enough, to my utter amazement, the phone is perfect!!! My OTTERBOX IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!