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I was distracted as I was looking for my car keys and my phone rang so I placed my iPad enclosed in its’ OtterBox on the hood of my car. As I drove away from work and down the street I didn’t notice the iPad still on the front of my car until I got on the highway and started driving 60 mph. The iPad went flying off, hit the highway and bounced several times. The cover came off and the iPad was narrowly missed by a semi-truck. As I hurriedly turned around panicking that the iPad was ruined I was surprised and delighted to find the OtterBox had saved my iPad. The screen was fine, the OtterBox was a little roughed up on one corner, but other wise it was good as new. Thank you OtterBox! I use the iPad daily at work doing speech therapy with preschoolers and wanted the OtterBox to allow the preschoolers to use the iPad without worry. It has been awesome.