Neurological issues make me clumsy

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Lots of people say they’re clumsy. Some are more clumsy than others and I’m one of the clumsiest I know. I’ve suffered broken bones on multiple occasions running into furniture! This usually happens when I’m in a hurry. I need to move more slowly than other people. I had family members who tended to rush me and that increased the clumsiness. I told one family member I thought maybe I had a neurological issue. It’s mild and really not terribly obvious to other people. This family member suggested it should be confirmed by a doctor so I went to a neurologist. I was told that the myelin that is supposed to cover my nervous system never fully developed. Finding this out was actually wonderful. My myelin wasn’t degenerating so there was no need to worry about that and finally I had an explanation. I haven’t broken any bones since I learned this over 6 years ago. Prior to that it was at least once a year if not more. It was much worse when my children were small and tended to rush past me. I would over compensate and run into walls and door jams. During that period it was more like 2-3 times/year that I broke bones.

I’ve had a lot of phones and all have suffered damage due to me dropping them. Most were broken beyond repair in a much shorter time than expected. So when I got my phone this time I bought an OtterBox. I learned about OtterBox from my daughter. She was only 12 at the time so I asked around to see if there were any adults who had anything to say about them. I heard all good things about Otterbox phone protectors so when it came time for a new phone I knew I had to include one in my purchase. It’s wonderful. I have a Commuter and I still drop my phone regularly but it has suffered no damage!

I work as a lunch/recess monitor at an elementary school right now so I move around a lot and drop my phone on many different surfaces but it is well protected so I know I don’t have to worry.

I found out recently that your customer service is great, too. My daughter has an iphone. She drops things almost as much as I do and the only thing that’s been damaged is the OtterBox which we found was easy to get replaced under warranty.

Thanks so much for your wonderful products!