One Tough Commuter

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Yesterday I was at the grocery store. I went to the car to load my groceries and put my phone down on what I thought was the bumper with my key, purse, and phone. Once I had my groceries loaded, I slammed the SUV tailgate shut tight. I jumped into my car and then started to look form my phone, I was expecting a call from one of my kids. I realized I didn’t have it. I sat there thinking about the last time I saw it. It was laying on the bumper of my SUV. As I got out of the car I was thinking about all the damage that could have happened had I drove off. I came around the corner and there hanging half out of the completely closed tailgate was my iPhone. I can’t repeat the word that came out of my mouth. I thought for sure that I had busted my phone length wise the phone in half. I open the gate and there was my iPhone in its OtterBox completely intact and undamaged. The case has a slight dent, but I credit the Commuter Series with saving my phone. My husband got a new phone and last night we went to the store and bought him an OtterBox cover. Thank you OtterBox, I am sold; you have a lifelong customer.