Otter box took a licking, but my iphone still works – after driving over it.

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I recently ran out of my car in a pouring rain storm. My “commuter” otterboxed iphone 4S fell out and landed in a puddle. I got back in, did not notice the missing phone for 15 minutes. I drove away in my fully loaded and heavy F150 pickup , running over the phone, blissfully unaware!
I realized the mishap about 15 minutes later, ran back out in the still pouring ran and found it face down in the road. the otterbox was all bent out of shape and all dinged up, but my phone was intact – save the cracked screen of course. I had the screen replaced the next day, sorta kinda bent my otterbox back in shape and I am back in business. Thanks otterbox for saving my phone. Best money I spent. It saved the phone from both water and me!