OtterBox: 1 Six Flags: 0

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To celebrate the last few days before graduating college, it was only right to spend a wonderful spring day at Six Flags with all of my friends. This was not your normal, average Six Flags; this was Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. This Six Flags’ most thrilling attraction just happened to be Kingda Ka —  the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the entire world. It’s official height is 456 feet and it reaches a top speed of 128 mph.

I had ridden it before and as a native of Orlando, Florida, I was quite familiar with roller coasters and thrilling rides. We decided as a group to ride the scariest roller coaster in the park before any other rides. Not only were there free lockers, but a couple of us chickened out and decided not to ride it and decided they could watch the belongings of the brave riders. Also, there were numerous signs, clearly warning riders against carrying anything in their pockets.

Me, being the stubborn, nonsensical college kid I am, decided to keep my Apple iPhone 5, which was in an OtterBox Defender Series case, along with a key lanyard in the front pockets of my khaki shorts. Stupidly, I gave my phone charger and hat to one of my friends who wasn’t riding, but kept my phone and my keys to document the moments leading up to the ride on Snapchat.

I conquered my nerves, rode the ride, and was in awe on how high and fast this thing goes without any issues. As the ride came to a stop, a guy behind me was complaining that a set of keys hit him in the face. I immediately checked my pockets and realized that my phone and keys were long gone. Because there were 9 of us riding the ride, I was the odd man out and my friends were on the train before me, so they were waiting for me on the platform. With a panicked look, I yelled to them that my phone and keys flew off in the middle of the ride. They all started laughing and carrying on. They made fun of the small sliver of hope I had left of finding my phone and said there was no way I’d find my phone and even if I did, it would be shattered in a million pieces.

To make a long story short, after using the find my phone app, my phone was still on and working and was found later that night after the park closed. I picked the up the phone the next day, and it was in perfect condition. To all of my friends’ disbelief, there was no shattering, cracks, scratches, and the phone looked as good as new. To this day, a month later, my phone is working in perfect condition.

My OtterBox case saved me a lot of money and stress. I have been telling everyone the story and have been raving about the goodness OtterBox has brought to my life, recommending it to anyone with a cell phone. I will use no other case as long as I am alive. If an OtterBox case protecting a phone from falling 400 feet in the air at 120 mph is not a perfect testimonial, then I’m not sure what else is.