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I will forever be a loyal customer!!! I recently had to replace my iPhone that was stolen. I have to confess that I didn’t want to spend the extra cost for an Otterbox but my husband said better safe than sorry. So I grudgingly spent the $$ instead of going “cheap”. Last Friday I placed my phone on the roof of my car. Yes, I thought to myself I shouldn’t do it but figured I would remember. In a rush to get home I forgot to retrieve my phone. A couple of blocks down the road I heard a thud. Yup, you guessed it, it fell off the roof. Friday rush hour and I just knew my phone was toast! Miraculously cars were going over it but not running over it. I managed to get most cars out of the way but the LAST car ran over my phone. I knew my husband was going to have a heart-attack because I have only had the new phone for 2 months. Visions of a broken screen came to mind. I slowly turned it around and to my amazement there wasn’t a scratch on my phone!!! I couldn’t believe it! Just the tire tracks on the back of the box but it was absolutely fine!!! I can’t thank you enough for making such an awesome product.
Loyal customer forever.

Normalinda Vrooman