OtterBox Clip Replacement

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I bought my OtterBox over a year ago and about 8 months after I bought it, the clip that holds the phone on your belt broke. I thought that I was out of luck and started looking for a clip at different computer stores but there was not one to be found. When I went to RadioShack, they told me that OtterBox had a lifetime warranty but after reviewing your the website I noticed it only had a one-year warranty. By this time it was close to two years post purchase date. However, I thought I would try and contact OtterBox and explain what had happened. After talking to Tim at OtterBox and explaining the circumstances that I ran into, (like throwing the broken clip away and no longer having my sales receipt) he said to take a picture of the inside and outside of the case and that they would send a new clip. What he actually did was send me a brand new case and clip. I was very pleased and would buy another OtterBox hands down. Thank you OtterBox for trusting and believing me.