OtterBox Defender holster for iPhone 5

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My young son has a habit of taking things and placing them at a different location. I have been trying to find my OtterBox holster for my IPhone 5 for about two weeks now that little Joey got his mitts on the case. After looking for weeks for the holster and even asking him, I am afraid it is a goner. I chucked it up as a learning experience and called OtterBox on Saturday, June 22 to buy a new holster. I spoke with Colleen, who was great to talk to. I had my credit card in hand and was ready to place the order when she surprised me and told me OtterBox would replace it free of charge….What????? It was my fault. If every american company had this kind of attitude and customer service the world would be better place. What an amazing company. I have had two more experiences with OtterBox and both times they replaced a damaged item with the same pleasant attitude. Hats off, OtterBox.