OtterBox Defender Series

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I purchased my OtterBox the day I purchased my Iphone. Three years later my Iphone is in perfect condition. My OtterBox took all the punishment leaving my Iphone unscathed. A friend mentioned that the OtterBox cases have a lifetime warranty. I scoffed. I was wrong. They do have a lifetime warranty. I took some pictures of my trustworthy Defender beat up as it was. Sent them to the company. Within 1 week I recieved a brand new OtterBox case and belt clip holder via fedex. No Charge!!! This is across a border from a different country to my house. Absolutley the best service ever. The best protective product for my Iphone is The OtterBox case. Thank you for the great product and absolutley amazing warranty service!

Cheers, John Lorefice.