Otterbox Defender Series

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I wanted to share my story about my Otterbox. I work in construction and use the my IPhone a lot at work on a job site. I took a tumble recently and lost my phone from my waist band holder. I did not realize this for about 20 minutes and went back to where I fell. I found an 80,000 pound backhoe packing in a dirt and sand mixture where I had fallen . The operator told me he was on his 5th run over the area. He came and we took shovels to dig for my new IPhone. We found it under 3 feet of packed mixture with wet mud all over it. I cleaned it off and used it without damage. I took the case apart and there was not a scratch on it. I am still using it today. This was the first IPhone for me and the first Otterbox and I will never be without another.