OtterBox Defender Series

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Last Christmas my children gave me a Defender Series case for my phone. I had just purchased a new iPhone 4S and they insisted I needed to protect it. To be honest, I thought the cover was a little bulky and really unnecessary. Since then, I have thought about taking it off but never got around to it. Tonight, as I loaded my luggage into my vehicle, I set the phone down, closed the car door hatch but noticed it didn’t close all the way. I re-lifted the hatch, shifted the luggage around and slammed the door harder. As I looked down, I noticed the phone!! The phone was in the way of the door and had kept the door from closing not once but twice. Panic arose as I lifted the hatch and retrieved the phone. Your product is amazing- I don’t have a scratch on the phone. I do have two indentations on the OtterBox ( from each attempt to slam the door on it) but my phone is perfectly fine. Thank you for a wonderful product and not only am I now a believer, I will tell others about OTTER BOX!! Thank you again for a superb product! Oh..and I guess I will have to tell my children how right they were!!