OtterBox Defender Series saves the day!

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I have an iPhone 5 and always use the OtterBox Defender Series to protect it from drops and other accidents. A few weeks ago, I was on my way to college to register for classes and while I was taking a sip of coke, I dropped it and spilled it all over my lap and on my phone too! I stopped at a store to clean up the spilled coke and to check my phone. I saw that some coke had gotten inside the OtterBox case. I only had the iPhone 5 for a month and was so worried that my phone was already ruined since the Defender Series isn’t waterproof. I took the case off and cleaned my phone and the case, and to my surprise the phone still was working. I took a closer look and saw no coke had gotten inside my phone! If I didn’t have the OtterBox case on, my phone would have definitely been ruined! The OtterBox Defender Series definitely saved me from having to buy a new phone! It is the best protective case I have ever owned! In my opinion, OtterBox is the best when it comes to making protective cases! Keep it up OtterBox!