OtterBox Defies a 60 MPH Highway Bounce

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I was in a hurry to load a number of items into my car, among them, my iPhone. So, I piled the items on the passenger side of the hood of the car as I carried them out of my home. I was in such a hurry…but I managed to get all the items in the car, with the exception of my iPhone. The OtterBox had already enabled my phone to survive many severe falls, but nothing like the one it had that day.

I took off down the highway at 60 MPH. After a mile or two, something hit my windshield full force. I then realized it was my phone. After hitting the windshield, in my rear view I saw the phone bounce on the highway. I pulled over and turned around, trying to calculate where the phone had landed. The battery was close to dead and there was so much highway noise, I thought there was no way I was ever going to find it. I almost gave up after 20 minutes, but instead decided to walk 10 feet further along the side of the road, about 5 or 10 feet further away from the highway.

Then, I saw it. I really didn’t think it was my phone as there was no OtterBox on it. I thought some other poor soul had done something as careless as I had and lost their phone. I picked it up and pushed the home button. It lit up and displayed my information. After cleaning the phone, I found a tiny pinhead scratch on the corner…other than that, it was in perfect, brand new looking condition.

I never found the OtterBox, may it rest in peace, but I am convinced that without it my phone would have been smashed into hundreds of pieces. All the data, photos, notes, etc. could have been lost (no backup) never to be retrieved.

I will never be without one. Thank you OtterBox.