OtterBox Does What It Says!

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On April 16, 2014 my brother had a nearly fatal crash in a dump truck he was driving. He was propelled through the windshield when a tire blew and was slammed nose first into a rock wall. The sheriff, paramedics, etc. said they did not find a phone at the scene. I returned to the scene two days later and started using my phone to call his…I heard a very faint ringing. We moved a rock at the wall face, about a foot and half in diameter, dug underneath the tire tracks left from the dump truck and about four inches below the surface was his phone.. OtterBox protected!! After being in mud, fuel and oil, under the truck, under a rock, exposed to all the elements, it was muddy, yes, but not a scratch on the phone. The rubber casing is toast. I later found out that the truck engine had caught on fire and had to be extinguished so the phone also survived that type of punishment. I will never have another phone without an OtterBox. By the way my brother has survived with a lot of injuries, but the trauma unit at the hospital said it’s a miracle.