OtterBox Fondue

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Well, that settles it. OtterBox is officially made out of pure awesome. Had a fondue party tonight with some friends and as I lifted up one of the pots (bubbling marshmallow and chocolate inside) the handle began to unscrew itself and dumped the pot of bubbling, boiling chocolate fondue onto my iPhone – which was, of course, safely enscased in a blue OtterBox Defender Series. (I can’t be trusted to own nice things without protection, so it is NEVER out of the case.) I was sure that if anything could defeat my OtterBox, it would be simmering marshmallow-chocolate poured all over it. I was certain that the little exposed area for the front-facing camera and ear speaker would be destroyed. But, within a few moments, the friend sitting next to me grabbed a napkin and pulled it out of the pile of sticky sugary goop, I ran to the sink so I could wipe fondue off it with my hand, rinse my hand, then keep wiping. Once I got the bulk of it off, I took the phone out and other than needing a tiny bit of stickiness wiped off the exposed spot and a little rinse off the case, the iPhone and case were both as good as new.
Thank you, Otterbox, for being amazing. Thank you for saving me from my clumsy self.