OtterBox For iPad

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Today I saw an object which turned out to be this iPad fly off the roof of a car and tumble down the road at about 45 MPH. I decided to retrieve it but before I could turn around and get it out of the road I saw it get run over by another car (it was face down). The rubber outer skin is damaged on the corners, and the frame of the case is cracked in one place on the front, but all I can say is the OtterBox did it’s job. It fired right up and I was able to find the owners phone number in an e-mail. Dang good case. The owner has been contacted.

My entire family and I have been using OtterBoxes for a good while on our iPhones. I use the Realtree Defender Series and love it as I am rough on a phone. I will surely get a OtterBox for any product I get in the future.

Tim Henry
Milledgeville, GA